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Next-coming performances

[Title], for 4-5 musicians, dancers et fixed media, op. 39b (circa 8’) : Inicia ! film project --> September 2021.

Timing, Timing, for alto saxophone, percussion, piano, double bass (2016-2017), op. 35 (part I) : October 2 2021


Available recordings : (excerpts here) :


Waiting to be premiered... 

  1. -Facettes, for harp and saxophone ensemble, op. 34b (17’)

  2. -Auspicia [sketches for “Lili”], for soprano saxophone and electronics (tape), op. 39 (5’)

Those Who Crawl, Those Who Fly [The Carp and the Duck], musical tale for flute, clarinet, percussion and string trio, op. 38,

on a text by Olivier Cohen (circa 13’).