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O.M. : THE CONSOLATION’s libretto, opera in four “oper’acts” after Boethius. Full text, translated and corrected.

Excerpt (end of act III)


O.M., II, 3 : 3-4. Music for video and choreography for bass flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone and percussion (op. 39b).


O.M. Opera libretto (“oper’act” I).


Praeludium, for large orchestra [commissioned by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and Conservatory of Shanghai, China]

Op. 40 (circa 8’).


Auspicia [sketches for “Lili”], for soprano saxophone and electronics (tape), op. 39a (5’)

Those Who Crawl, Those Who Fly [The Carp and the Duck], musical tale for flute, clarinet, percussion and string trio, op. 38a,

on a text by Olivier Cohen (circa 13’).


Utinam, 5 sketches for a chamber music opera, after Boethius, for flute, harp, percussion, cello and mezzo-soprano, op. 37 (12’)

Utinam (excerpt).mp3


[year of reflection]

Timing, quartet for saxophone, piano, percussion, double bass, op. 35 [part II & III] (37’)


Quiproquos, 3 pedagogical pieces for saxophone and accompaniment, op. 36 (7’)

Quiproquos I_II_III.mp3

Timing, quartet for saxophone, piano, percussion, double bass, op. 35 [part I & II]


Facettes, for saxophone ensemble, harp and percussion (op. 34b) (18’)

Facettes_Excerpt_1.mp3 | Facettes_Excerpt_2.mp3

Twenty Minutes Of Love, for solo percussion, op. 32 (10’)



Velociter, miniature for quintet, op. 31 (2’ 30’’)


Secret Procession, for solo alto saxophone, op. 30 (15’)

Secret Procession_excerpt.mp3

Lampedusa, flute and harp duet, op. 33b (12’)

Procrastinations, for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and cello, op. 28 (12’)



Wacharme!, Overture-miniature for concert band, op. 28 (2’)


Le Songe d’Honoria, for 7 instruments (cl., trp., piano, perc., string trio), op. 27 (8’)

Le_Songe_d_Honoria (excerpt).mp3

Kumahdukset, pour ensemble (9 instruments), op. 26 (15’)

--> Commissioned by Tampere Biennale (Finland), premiered on April 10 2014 Uusinta Chamber Ensemble

Kumahdukset (excerpt).mp3

...ob..., trio for piano, violin, cello, op. 26b

Ter..., 3 pieces for violin, viola, cello and piano, op. 26c


Aquaeductio, for ensemble (14 instruments), op. 25 (10’)

--> Premiered by Klangforum Wien on September 13 2013 in Milan (San Fedele project)

Aquaeductio (excerpt).mp3

Déclinaison, for saxophone and ensemble (9 instruments), op. 24 (ca. 17’)

--> Premiered by Uusinta Chamber Ensemble on April 13 2013 in Helsinki, Finland

Declinaison (excerpt).mp3    


Postscaenia, for ensemble, op. 23 (7’) --> removed from the catalogue.

--> Premiered in Canterbury on December 8 2012 by I.C.P Ensemble

--> replaced by : Five Sketches, orchestration of Jean Sibelius’ op. 114 (1929 / 2016), op. 23

Hi paludes pro civitatibus habent, for ensemble (8 instruments), op. 22 (9’)

--> Premiered in Bern on January 28 2013 by Ensemble Proton Bern

Hi paludes pro civitatibus habent (excerpt).mp3  

Galla Placidia, [unfinished] chamber music opera for 3 female voices and 5 instrumentalists, op. 21 (25’)

--> Premiered on December 4 2013 in ARCAL, Paris, by Ensemble Cairn (cond. Guillaume Bourgogne)

Galla Placidia (montage).mp3


E io tremava ne l’etterno rezzo...”, op. 19, for string quartet (4’)

--> Premiered in October 2012 by Quartetto Prometeo in San Fedele auditorium, Milan

Quartetto dantesco (excerpt).mp3   


Migratio II, op. 20 / 13c, for string orchestra (4’)

--> Premiered in June 2012 in Porvoo, Finland, by Avanti !

Migratio II (excerpt).mp3          

Le Jour où la Nuit..., op. 9b, for percussions and tape (5’)

--> Premiered in June 2012 by Domenico Melchiorre in San Fedele auditorium, Milan

Le Jour ou la Nuit (excerpt).mp3 moment d’infini, for solo harp, op. 7b (2012) (3’)

--> Premiered in March 2012 by Vera Schnider (Proton Bern)

Et-moment-d'infini (excerpt).mp3


Sonata for saxophone and piano, op. 18 (18’)

Sonate op 18 (excerpt).mp3

Le Mur et le Fleuve, for ensemble, op. 17 (10’)

--> Premiered in November 2011 in Matera, Italy.

Le Mur et le Fleuve (excerpt).mp3

Exo(r)de, for full orchestra, op. 13b (6’)

--> Premiered in July 2011 in Metz, “Centre Acanthes”, by Orchestre National de Lorraine

Exorde (excerpt).mp3

Inconstances, for oboe and harpsichord, op. 16 (12’)

Inconstances (excerpt).mp3

Bagatelle sans altérité, for piano, op. 15 (3’)

--> Premiered in June 2011 by Maria-Grazia Bellocchio in San Fedele auditorium, Milan



Barbaricum atque immane gemunt, for male choir and percussions, op. 14. (7’)

--> Royaumont abbey, “Voix Nouvelles” composition session (Les Cris de Paris, Ensemble Linea)

Barbaricum atque (excerpt).mp3

Migratio I, for ensemble (13 instruments), op. 13a. (12’)

--> Metz, Arsenal. Centre Acanthes 2010 (Orchestre National de Lorraine, dir. : Jean Derroyer)

Migratio I (excerpt).mp3

Le Rythme des Autres, for 7 instruments and electronics, op. 12. (16’)

Premiered on May 21 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland.

LeRythmeDesAutres (excerpt).mp3


« Car je croyais ouïr de ces bruits prophétiques… », for solo horn and real time electronics, op. 11a.

Premiered on April 8 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland                                                                               

Car je croyais (excerpt).mp3

D’après « Dans la nuit » (ou Dans la nuit d’après ?), for quintet (cl, vln, vcl, pno, perc.), op. 10b.

Premiered on May 22 2009 by ensemble Contrechamps (Genève, Switzerland).                                                         

D-apres-DLN (excerpt).mp3

Non nova sed nove, for saxophone quartet (2nd version), op. 6b.                                                                            

Premiered on January 31 2010 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, by Axone saxophone quartet

Non Nova Sed Nove (excerpt).mp3


Dans la nuit, for small orchestra, op. 10a. 

Premiered on March 15 2009 in Paris

Étude pour 2 métaux et une peau, pour bande électroacoustique, op. 9.                                                

Premiered on March 20 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Etude-electro (excerpt).mp3

Trio pour flûte, alto et harpe, op. 8.                                                                                                              

Premiered on April 18 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Trio (excerpt).mp3


Moment d’hiver, for solo harp, op. 7a.                                             

Premiered on April 18 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Moment d'hiver (excerpt).mp3


Non nova sed nove, pour quatuor de saxophones, op. 6a.                                                                            

Premiered on February 19 2009 in Paris by the Axone saxophone quartet (Multilatérale)

Non Nova Sed Nove (excerpt).mp3

Pseudomorphosis II, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, op. 5.                                           

Premiered in August 2007 at Domaine Forget (Québec) by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (L. Vaillancourt)

Pseudomorphosis II (excerpt).mp3

Motum, for solo violoncello, op. 4.


Pseudomorphosis I, for clarinet, violoncello, vibraphone and piano, op. 3.                                            

Premiered on January 16 2006 in Paris

Pseudomorphosis I (excerpt).mp3

Confer… , sketches for piano and two singing percussion players


Velle non discitur, for saxophone quartet, piano and percussion, op. 2.                                            

Premiered at the Paris Conservatory Paris on June 18 2004.

VelleNonDiscitur (excerpt).mp3


Improvisation, for harpsichord



In Nocte, for reciter and 8 instruments, text by Henri Michaux, op. 1.



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